Turbo Add Ins for Microsoft Outlook

Use our amazing add ins for Microsoft Outlook© to work smarter. Save time and money. These add ins are FREE to download and use. No strings attached. Get started now by clicking on the download link.
13-in-1 Add-in package.
• Combined installer for all the add-in’s listed below.
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1. Always BCC •Performs a CC or a BCC automatically for every email.
•Customize the email messages that get CC’ed or BCC’ed.
2. Attachment Reminder • Check your outgoing email for keywords and prompt you in case you   forgot to attach a file.
• Intelligently considers signature files.
• Keywords are configurable.
• Intelligently considers signature files.
3. Attachment Save •Replaces attachments with links.
•Reduces Outlook storage spaces.
•Improve Outlook performance.
•Delete the attachment when deleting an email.
4. Duplicate Appointment Remover •Removes duplicate appointments.
5. Duplicate Contact Remover •Removes duplicate contacts.
6. Duplicate Email Remover •Remove duplicate emails in Microsoft Outlook.
7. Duplicate Note Remover •Delete duplicates or move them to a folder.
•Comparisons of two appointments based on subject, body and color.
•Works with a single folder or multiple folders at once.
8. Duplicate Task Remover •Delete duplicates or move them to a folder.
•Comparisons of two tasks based on subject, due date, categories,
contacts, company, body and start date.
•Works with a single folder or multiple folders at once.
•Works with Microsoft Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2007.
9. Follow Up Reminder •Reminds you if you have not heard back from someone.
•List all your pending reminders with a click of a button.
•Add follow up reminders to any email in any Outlook folder.
•Quick Snooze.
10. Remove Subject Prefix •Remove redundant ‘Re:’, ‘Fw:’ etc. from message subjects.
11. Reply To All •Prompts you when you reply to everyone. Avoid sending out information
you may not want to share with everyone.
• Prevent Outlook from including your name and email address in a reply   to all message thus avoiding extra copies.
• Prompts with a confirmation message if you were BCC’ed on the
12. Save as PDF •Saves all your emails as PDF files.
•Saves attachments as PDF files.
•Save the emails on receipt or batch mode.
•No other PDF printer driver needed.
13. Send Individually •Sends email marketing to each of your recipients, one at a time.
•Adds a convenient “Send Individually” Outlook button.
•Easily handles distribution lists, contact groups, and Excel lists.