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About Us

We are a team of Microsoft professionals who strive to add value to the Microsoft Office ® Suite of products.

We specialize in building add ins for:

  • Microsoft® Outlook
  • Microsoft® Excel
  • Microsoft® Word

Our expertise is backed by a strong focus on quality processes and automation tools to bring you a stable, feature rich product.

Product Features

Use our amazing add ins for Microsoft Outlook© to work smarter. Save time and money. These add ins are FREE to download and use. No strings attached.

Always BCC

  • Performs a CC or a BCC automatically for every email
  • Customize the email messages that get CC’ed or BCC’ed

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Attachment Reminder

  • Check your outgoing email for keywords and prompt you in case you forgot to attach a file
  • Intelligently considers signature files
  • Keywords are configurable

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Attachment Save

  • Replaces attachments with links
  • Reduces Outlook storage spaces
  • Improve Outlook performance
  • Delete the attachment when deleting an email

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Duplicate Appointment Remover

  • Removes duplicate appointments
  • Customizable
  • Fast

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Duplicate Contact Remover

  • Removes duplicate contacts
  • Customizable
  • Fast

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Duplicate Email Remover

  • Remove duplicate emails in Microsoft Outlook
  • Customizable
  • Fast

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Duplicate Note Remover

  • Delete duplicates or move them to a folder
  • Comparisons of two appointments based on subject, body and color
  • Works with a single folder or multiple folders at once

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Duplicate Task Remover

  • Delete duplicates or move them to a folder
  • Comparisons of two tasks based on subject, due date, categories, contacts, company, body and start date
  • Works with a single folder or multiple folders at once

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Follow Up Reminder

  • Reminds you if you have not heard back from someone
  • List all your pending reminders with a click of a button
  • Add follow up reminders to any email in any Outlook folder
  • Quick Snooze

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Reply To All

  • Prompts you when you reply to everyone
  • Prevent Outlook from including your name and email address in a reply to all message thus avoiding extra copies
  • Prompts with a confirmation message if you were BCC’ed on the message

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Save as PDF

  • Saves all your emails and attachments as PDF files
  • Save the emails on receipt or batch mode
  • No other PDF printer driver needed

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Send Individually

  • Sends email marketing to each of your recipients, one at a time
  • Adds a convenient “Send Individually” Outlook button
  • Easily handles distribution lists, contact groups, and Excel lists

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Remove Subject Prefix

  • Remove redundant ‘Re:’, ‘Fw:’ etc. from message subjects
  • Clean up your email trails and make them more presentable

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